Sunday, September 27, 2009

OT: Flooding Caused by Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana)

I know this is off topic but it's the first time I've taken my camera out to take photos during a typhoon and I wanted to share the photos with you.

We were caught in a flood yesterday here in Manila. Apparently it was the largest single amount of rain in a 24 hour period recorded. A whopping 455mm fell and many part of manila were flooded.

You can find more news about the flood at Google News

Typhoon Ondoy seems to have caught a lot of people off guard. We were actually supposed to go and see someone in an area worst hit by the floods. Fortunately we called ahead and they told us not to come over.

I had my camera with me (as usual!) so instead of going home I decided to drive around and see what was going on.

1. Two guys get of a jeepney trying to get to work

2. The rain has just begun but the water quickly starts to rise on McKinnley Street near EDSA, Makati.

3. Visibility decreases and cars start to struggle on EDSA, Makati,

4. Water surges down the ramp on the 4th floor of the car park in Park Square One, Makati.

5. Trying to keep water outside of Glorietta Mall, Makati. Where the car is driving is normally a walkway.

6. Outside Glorietta Mall, Makati.

7. Water gushes from the drains outside Park Square One, Makati.

8. Man crossing Pasay Road outside Park Square One, Makati

It stopped raining for a while but it's starting again so the problems are going to continue for a while :-(