Monday, June 30, 2008

Base Jumping in The Fort, Philippines

Went to Fort Bonifacio, Philippines, to an Ozone event in order to catch with some of my Power Kiting friends, Bam, Buko & Rodel and found out that a bunch of Americans were going to base jump off the top of the "South of Market" building.

In my mind the only way down a building is on the inside, preferably in an elevator or possibly using the stairs. But these guys prefer the good old fashioned parachute!!!!

I was talking to one of the who mentioned that any building which is taller than 250ft is OK, but I'm convinced that with my excess weight a building around 500ft would be more applicable. Still the lift would be the preferred choice by far.

The photos are not brilliant (I was very nervous and I was standing on the ground!) but they capture what went on.

Three of the four jumpers discussing the jump (I hope), but it looks more like a casual conversation about the price of coffee!

The cameras came out in force - mine being one of them - and some cameras seemed to be nearly as big as their owners!

Cool shades were definitely the fashion accessory of the day :-)

The next set of photos shows the first guy jumping and he starts with a back flip! As if it isn't exciting enough with a plain old jump!

I can;t believe how casual they are about this jumping business. I'd have to change my pants after doing that jump!

The rest of the photos show other jumps

It was a really exciting day and happily everyone landed safely. In the end my theory about my preferred choice of moving vertically in a building remains unchanged :-)

You can see all of my photos from the day on my photo site

Please feel free to leave comments or questions below or email them to me.


Between Bites said...

hi emmett,

do you think i can use 2 of your base jumping photos here for my website? will give acknowledgment.


Emmett Photography said...

Jane, I have sent you an email regarding your request. Thanks/Peter

Leah said...

Hello Emmett :)

This is Lei Borlongan of GMA 7 (in the Philippines) and we are interested to feature BASE jumping in one of the News and Public Affairs programs.

Who should we talk to regarding this? Thank you and we look forward to your soonest response.

Please get in touch with me at 0919-8096565.

Thank you

- Lei

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