Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Off Topic: Making a Movie

I had a blast last weekend as an extra as a warrior in a futuristic movie called Road Raiders currently being made in the Philippines. The word was out that a movie was looking for western extras for a movie and I jumped at the chance. Not sure why but I've always wanted to do something like this - boyhood fantasy of playing army etc.

The best part of it was actually meeting a bunch of nice guys, from a wide range of backgrounds who all shared the same idea of this being a once in a life time experience not to be missed. Wasn't quite sure of the whole story line, but it didn't stop me from having loads of fun.

Road Raiders is a post-apocalypse action film in the style of Mad Max, and will star Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill). The film is a US-Philippines co-production, shot entirely in English.

The movie will be directed by one of the Philippines' most internationally successful directors, Cirio H. Santiago (TNT Jackson, Stryker, Last Stand at Lang Mei) and is being made with legendary Hollywood producer Roger Corman.

This is Michael Madsen (in the glasses) with me (with the messy haircut). Michael is the leader of the Warriors who, of course, are the bad guys.

This is me on the right with another of the Warriors (who is in real life a Professor at one of the local Universities). This was the dress code for the bad guys with the addition of having a ski mask and goggles on - so in reality all you'll see is my chin and nose (but what a chin and nose it is!).
By the way I don't advise to wear ski masks in the Philippines for too long for two reasons: 1) It's already hot enough to cook an egg on the ground on a normal day; 2) you'd easily be mistaken for a terrorist/robber and shot after taking about 2 steps out of the door.

The lady below (Rizza Santos, from the Philippines) is one of the heroins, and was in everyone's word - stunning, and a very nice lady as well. Talk about turning heads!
I believe the plot should be written along the following lines:-
1. Bad guys do bad stuff
2. Heroin walks in
3. Bad guys repent and promise to do whatever Heroin asks
4. Bad guys go off and kill their former leader
5. The end

These were some of the futuristic vehicles we rode in. I stood on the top of the Hummer in the background as it drove fast across bumpy ground. I'm hoping that the "scared out of my wits look" will pass as a tough look. I nearly had to change my underwear after every take we were asked to do.

This was my gun - the big gun, the big heavy gun, the big heavy gun which on a hot day became incredibly heavy. I must be the biggest wimp of a Warrior in movie history!

This is the team of Warriors - post production. Not so tough looking in their ordinary clothes! That's why bad guys always dress in black - because it makes a statement.

I'm hopefully going to be doing this again on Saturday, and this time I'll take my eldest daugther Abigail, who will play one of the settlement children (good people). I'm hoping to play a good guy also as I don't want my daughter to see me get killed off.

Once the film is released I'll let you know and we can all have a good laugh together - however please don;t blink during the film as you may miss my appearance :-)

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