Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Favourite Photos

Thanks for dropping by. I want to share some of my favourite photos that were either taken or I rediscovered and modified in 2007 .

"Where will you take me today"
by Peter Emmett ©2006

Where will you take me today

I'm not sure why I like this photo, but by far this was my most favourite image from last year. Actually it was taken in December 2006, but I played around with it in early 2007 to get this final image.

The image gives me the sense of both innocence, from the child's foot, and places not yet travelled, due to the open space in the photo.

It seems to break some of the basic rules, e.g. rule of thirds, cutting off limbs, etc. But I feel that the rules have been broken successfully.

The foot was actually my daughter's when she was taking a nap during the day.

"Dancers' Dream"
by Peter Emmett ©2007

Dancer's Dream

This photo was taken during one of the excellent performances put on by the dance students in the International School of Manila, Philippines.

The opening of dance started with this strong pose with matching strong lighting. Both of which make it a real favourite of mine.

The title aims to capture the overall mood of the dancers poses which are almost dream like.

More photos from the dance can be seen in the album here and you can also find more photos from other performances here

by Peter Emmett ©2006

 Waves - by Peter Emmett ©2006

This is another image which frequent leaves me asking "Why do I like it so much?" It was also taken in December 2006, at the same time as the first image.

The images leaves me with a calm feeling, which I think is caused by both the green colour and the soft rounded shapes. The simplicity of the image helps me to relax. It also makes me want to look around the room and see what is surrounding it.

I have a series of this image in my album, with different colours. The green is by far the most peaceful.

The image is simply the bed sheet on our bed which had been slightly ruffled by my sleeping daughter.

"What will happen to me"
by Peter Emmett ©2001

What will happen to me - by Peter Emmett ©2001

This image is of my eldest daughter, Abigail, when she was in her first year. It was originally taken on film (remember that stuff) and then digitized it.

There are three things that capture my attention and make it a favourite:

1. The eyes - the eye nearest to the viewer is razor sharp and my eyes keep being drawn to it.

2. The eyes - the catch light in the eyes (the patio door in our flat) seem to reflect her questions about what lay beyond the doors

3. The eyes - the tear in her eyes reflect her fears about the future and make my want to protect her.

Of course the other main reason this is one of my favourites is that it is my daughter in the picture :-)

Other Images

I have many other images that I like, but time and time again I am drawn to the images above and in the end photography for me is all about making images that I would like to hang up on my wall. I understand that professional photography need to produce quality images for others, but for me, at this point in time I just want to create images that I am proud of.

You can see more of my work in my Smugmug album.

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